We are very interested but we don't have land or we cannot afford it?

Kitur will help you to find the perfect land, whether rustic for a mobil house or urban for a permanent house.

We realized that we cannot get a housing loan for a mobil house.

What are the main differences between a mobil home and our Kitur houses?

  • They are mobil houses (you can add or remove modules and change according to your wishes).
  • Interior and exterior finnishes equated or even superior to a traditional house.
  • 12 years structural guarantee.

What are the regulations for a Kitur house?

  • Kitur houses as any other mobil houses are not subject to any current taxes.
  • Permanent houses, as any other traditional house, are subject to the current property taxes.

What is included in a Kitur house price?

The prices include research and legalization within a turn-key solution.

For more details related to prices, please see General Specifications at PRODUCT.

Do you have doubts about our product?


Don't hesitate to contact us for additional information. Show us your project, challenge us
with your idea; Kitur always has a professional team on hand to discuss it. 
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