Modular and Customizable System
Appealing design process


Easily configure your house, in three different ways:

  • Browse  through our plans on our site to find the house  for you.
  • Change the plan at will (from 5m x 2.5 m till 13.5 m x 4 m) to suit your needs.
  • Dream up your house's style and our designers will make it a reality.

The architectural possibilities allow modern, traditional and functional solutions. By paying attention to detail,  we create the perfect harmony between your taste and the surrounding environment.

Quality and Ecological Awareness
Integrated with nature

The best for you and your surroundings

We combine our concept of natural ventilation - with air ingress below the floor, thermally insulated building materials and the land’s optimum solar orientation, to maximise energy efficiency.

Also we can advise you on equipping your KITUR modular house for self-sufficiency, for example with solar panels for heating and electricity production, pellet stoves, windows with automatic blinds and UV protection, energy-efficient appliances, and recycling of rainwater .

Quality and Ecological Awareness
Low co2 emission

Full factory construction.

Reduced and recyclable waste.

The use of materials in light steel and polyurethane, provides a useful area superior to that of traditional construction methods.

The raised and self-supporting base avoids direct contact with the ground, promoting efficient under-floor ventilation, avoiding dampness  and allowing better reaction to seismic events.

Quality and Ecological Awareness
Quality and guarantee

We work with precision and passion
Made in Portugal to the highest standards of quality, technology, with well-defined,

updated processes and methods. Our technicians are regularly re-trained and updated.

We choose only the best and most durable materials, of Portuguese origin preferentially, to reduce maintenance costs.

The construction system allows:

  • Quick construction.
  • Good control of costs and delivery time.
  • 10 years structural guarantee and 5 years guarantee on the roof
  • Reduced time from ordering to delivery.
Safety and Comfort
Live elegantly and in safety

Our houses are built with quality materials and products that meet all demands of safety, theft,  fire protection, and affordability.

Thanks to our installation system on a raised and self-supporting base, your house is protected from moisture entry from the ground, and this system also provides an additional layer of insulation.

Safety and Comfort
We make life easy!

Our social commitment helps us to work with others to encourage social and human integration and improvement.

We conceive and plan our products to give accessibility to all. We take account of each client's special needs.

KITUR houses, being moveable, can be relocated on your site, or you can take your house with you when changing location.

We have more than adequate physical and technical means to assist you.