Design & Materials

A KITUR module consists of a hot dipped galvanized steel chassis with a cement floor, walls and roof of Structural Insulated Panels (sandwich panel). The unique design of our chassis, prevents the house from having direct contact with the ground which protects from moisture entering the house as well as seismic activity. Modules are used to create almost any configuration of spaces and can be made at any size (within our maximum dimensions) to suit your site and design. 

Yes you can. Our homes are modular both in concept and design, our construction is extremely easy to add to in the future and we frequently design projects for clients that are built in different stages. This means you can build what you can afford now and add to your modular home later.

Logistics, Site Preparation & Energy Efficiency

The delivery time for our Mobile Modular Homes is 6 months from the date you sign the contract and make your first payment, installation requires on average 2 days. The delivery time for our Fixed Modular Homes is 3 months after the building permit is issued, installation requires on average 4 days.

Yes, you will need to prepare your land for installation of the house. Typically land preparation involves leveling and compacting the land as well as preparing infrastructures such as electricity, water and sewage. In the case of our fixed modular homes ,this process also entails the pouring of a cement foundation. As far as cost, it is totally dependent on the land. KITUR will do a site survey for every client as part of the process of providing you with your home. As a result of the site survey, we can provide you with a proposal for all of the above services.

Yes. The Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) that forms the “shell” of each modular home generates a thermal property that makes them an ideal choice for extreme climatic conditions. In combination with double glazed windows and doors, our exterior walls "ETICS" system and our unique chassis design , the ambient temperature of the space is both constant and comfortable with very little requirement for additional heating and cooling.

Pricing, Warranties , Permits & Financing

KITUR has two major product lines. Our Mobile Modular Homes and our Fixed Modular Homes. Pricing of our standard models in both of these lines includes : Transportation & Installation (continental Portugal), all furniture and appliances , inclusive IVA. Our fixed modular homes also include the cost for the Architectural and Specialty projects, cement foundation as well as following the process in the Municipality until the building permit is issued. All exterior structures such as decks, pergolas etc. . are an additional cost.

Our payment terms are very straight forward, we require 3 payments: 30% due when you sign the contract. This down payment is what actually gets your project into the production que. 30% due after the 1st stage of production is complete. 40% due upon delivery to your land.